Anna Cassel & Hilma af Klint. Stockholm 1913

This book discusses the very first exhibition of the abstract work of Hilma af Klint and her life-long friend, artistic partner and facilitator Anna Cassel. They were included in the exhibition accompanying the Conference of the European Confederation of Theosophical Societies in Europe, held in Stockholm in 1913.

The analysis of the exhibition has led to surprising discoveries. The exhibition itself had a completely different character than the previous exhibitions of the European Confederation in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Munich and Budapest. The analysis of the group of artists also provides essential corrections on the work of Hilma af Klint, but not only of hers. Of Anna Cassel as well. Of the groups in which they operated. All women named in the séance notebooks of the group De Fem and other groups, of which both artists were a member, have been identified and have been given a face. All of these women are immensely meaningful for the socioeconomic, spiritual and artistic influences on Anna Cassel and Hilma af Klint. The 1913 exhibition functions as a starting point for a more elaborate discussion of the type of exhibited works and the consequences for the interpretation of themes; the ideological backgrounds of the work and shifts in orientation; the networks in which the artists operated and which have influenced the artists; and the reception history of Hilma af Klint, which has incorrectly determined and influenced the interpretation of the work until this day.

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