Piet Mondriaan and Simon Maris

This is a revised and extended compilation based on the article: ‘Mies Maris’ vergeten Mondriana (part 1)’ by Frans van Burkom and Paul Gorter in the Dutch art historic quarterly Jong Holland, 1998 no. 2, in which most of these photographs were first published and described.

The article was in Dutch, never on the internet and therefore has not been easily accessible, and has been overlooked or ignored by recent writers on Mondrian. Errors in the original publication – wrong names or dates , inverted reproductions of pictures – have been corrected here.

These photographic documents about Piet Mondrian’s years in Amsterdam from 1900 to 1907 show a largely unknown, leisurely joyful side of the painter, especially those of the voyage to Spain and his trips along the river Gein near Amsterdam.

This is a source for further investigation of the documents and for their integration in Mondrian’s biography. Since the 1998 publication a number of new factual details have emerged and it is now possible to be even more precise about some of these pictures with the aid of digitized newspapers.

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