Young collectors’ discoveries

This book is about twelve collectors who dared to take the plunge and immerse themselves in the art world. They speak about where their adventure began, and where their path has so far taken them. For all of them, their involvement in art has been a voyage of discovery. They have realised that work, though it may provide income and job satisfaction, is not the only thing in life. There is also a whole world of new dimensions that can enrich them emotionally, reflectively, aesthetically, socially and financially. Each of these collectors has a unique background story to tell. Their story explains their own taste, their own way of dealing with their collection, and their own vision of the future. Together, these stories offer a fascinating, inspiring view of the world of art collecting.

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  • Book type: PDF
  • Suitable for: All digital media
  • Subject: Art collecting
  • Language: Dutch and English